Are you also no longer satisfied with traditional training methods?

  • Traditional training suffers from low knowledge retention due to passive learner engagement (less than 50% retention rate).
  • E-learning does not generate the expected engagement from employees.
  • Application of acquired knowledge is difficult to implement, limiting employee awareness.
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Gamification: an innovative alternative for more effective training

The traditional training system is often criticized for its lack of interactivity, engagement, and customization to meet the needs of each company. In order to address these issues, innovative solutions need to be considered to improve the effectiveness of training. At NowEdge, we offer gamified training solutions that stimulate learner engagement and motivation while meeting the specific needs of each company.

Develop practical skills

Gamified experiences allow participants to familiarize themselves with real-life business situations.

Enhance motivation and engagement

Designed as competitive simulations, these experiences stimulate participants' motivation and engagement.

Foster teamwork and collaboration

Collaborative exercises that require effective communication and coordination among team members.

Boost your training programs with our gamified experiences

We offer two options to meet the needs of every company.

Ready-to-use game pack

We provide a pack of games that can be directly integrated into your training and onboarding seminars.

Customized training

We assist you in implementing a gamified experience with your own content within a one-month timeframe.

Example of games for training

Achievements for our clients

Development of a digital Serious Game for pharmacovigilance training




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Onboarding new recruits through an engaging game on corporate strategy




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logo who
Support in gamifying a 'Training of Trainers' program



#training Of trainers

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logo exalt-fi
Virtual challenge on trading and portfolio management




#esprit d'équipe

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logo pharma5
Awareness and training game on pharmacovigilance for more than 500 employees in a pharmaceutical laboratory



#jeu digital


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Strategy training seminar through a game as part of the MBA program

#executive MBA

#stratégie d'entreprise


#prise de décision


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