Insights: introduction to the world of analytics and data-driven decision making

Offer your teams a gamified, engaging, and fun training to discover the world of analytics.

  • Played individually
  • Session duration: ~1 to 2 hours
  • Key concepts: Overview of analytics, data collection and value creation, different approaches to analytics, including descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive approaches.
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Gamified training and onboarding, Analytics, Digital learning

Realistic scenarios

Explore the world of Analytics through a mission with multiple challenges and make the best decisions to propel your business to the top using the power of Analytics.


Experience a playful and engaging journey with content created by experts in the field.

Change Management

Utilize insights to help your employees embrace Analytics as a transformative tool.

Learning by doing, learning by playing

Empower employees to master their role in data-driven decision-making processes and increase team awareness and engagement through an innovative format

Decision making

Enhance decision-making abilities in various everyday situations for your employees


At the end of each game stage, participants receive a detailed analysis of their performance and overall ranking

insights learning journey insights mission insights player profile


Discover the advantages of this experience


Empower employees to master the role of Analytics in business transformation


Increase team awareness and engagement through an innovative format


Improve decision-making capabilities

Employer Branding

Enhance your employer brand by providing a unique experience for your employees

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