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Design of a digital serious game for pharmacovigilance training for African healthcare personnel




Impacts created

Immersion in pharmacovigilance activities

Innovation in the format

Improved memorization rate

Enhanced decision-making ability

An innovative serious game in Pharmacovigilance

Faced with Covid-19 restrictions, the client expressed the desire for a Serious Game on good practices in pharmacovigilance.. The goal was to ensure that, despite the distance and virtual format, the training would be just as impactful as the annual in-person sessions.. In this experience, participants are faced with decision-making in the field of pharmacovigilance through a fun and enjoyable experience.. This game incorporates the key steps of establishing a pharmacovigilance center and its daily activities based on the best practices of the World Health Organization..


  • Design of a 10-step gameplay journey to develop their pharmacovigilance center
  • Automatic feedback within the platform and personalized feedback provided by the client during webinars at the end of each gaming day
  • Learning of good pharmacovigilance practices in a fun and challenging environment
  • Increased motivation and healthy competition among participants to rank among the top 3 centers at the end of the journey
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