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Onboarding of +300 new hires at Société Générale Maroc bank through an engaging game on the company's strategy




Impacts created

Alignment of employees with the group's strategy

Immersion in the role of a strategist in the company

Introduction to decision-making in a competitive world

Strengthened team cohesion

Successful onboarding for alignment with the company's strategy

For the onboarding of new hires, the SGMA Employee Experience team wanted to organize a Serious Game that would immerse employees in the company's strategy.. For this purpose, we conducted StratEdge game sessions: a commercial and strategic warfare. In StratEdge, four companies in the oil sector compete to become market leaders.. In this experience, participants engage in teamwork, decision-making, and analysis of competitors' data and the market, with the aim of deciding the best strategy to follow..


  • 180 participants
  • 4 parallel matches
  • 16 teams competing in groups
  • Over 200 strategic decisions made by participants
  • Feedback at the end of each round to discuss the teams' and the market's results
  • Raising awareness of the importance of corporate strategy in a transformational context
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